1st AP-BPM conference 歡迎投稿






Pingyu Hsu, Ph.D.
Professor of 
Department of Business Administration
National Central University

Secretary in Chief
Chinese ERP Society


From: 배혜림 <hrbae@pusan.ac.kr>

Subject: AP-BPM CFP

Dear Chairs and committee members of AP-BPM,

Thank you again for your serving as chairs or committee members of AP-BPM. Attached is the CFP of 1st AP-BPM conference, which is contributed by the program chairs (Dr. Minseok Song, Dr. Moe Thandar Wynn, and Dr. Jianxun Liu).

I would like to ask you to distribute it to as many people related as possible, and encourage them to submit papers to the conference.

And I would kindly invite you all to the first event of AP-BPM in Beijing too.

If you have anything required to know further, feel free to contact me or the program chairs.

Looking forward to seeing you in AP-BPM 2013.

Hyerim Bae


배혜림, 공학박사 (Hyerim Bae, Ph. D)

부산대학교 산업공학과 부교수

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Pusan National University, Busan, Korea

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e-mail: hrbae@pusan.ac.kr